Essa Lian is a romanian fashion house which was born from our love for beauty. The fabric is chosen very carefully, being attentive to deliver only wonderful outfits. We give life to our product through positive energy but also from those who wears them and ispired us. "All you need is a dream..." This is the quote which made posibile to create Essa Lian, an inspirational brand created with pasion for beauty. Here is the place where your dressdream take shape and its made to your measure as your wish. Yes, Essa Lian is ready for your dream.
Essa Lian
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Location & Appointments

  Str. Aleea Suter nr 16, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania.
Opening time:
monday – friday: 09.00-18.00
saturday : 09.00-14.00
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Feel free to talk to our representative at any time you please, use our contact form on our website or one of our contact numbers.  You can always visit us at our showroom, we have a friendly staff and a mean cup of coffee.

Important information


All dresses, from all collections, specially created for a customer or purchased at a sale cannot be returned after more than 15 days of the original purchase!

If you need retouches or modification to be done to a dress after the original purchase, this changes can be made for a fee.

After we analyze all the needed modifications we will establish the final cost!

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